MAGR: Manifold-Aligned Graph Regularization for Continual Action Quality Assessment


Action Quality Assessment (AQA) evaluates diverse skills but models struggle with non-stationary data. We propose Continual AQA (CAQA) to refine models using sparse new data. Feature replay preserves memory without storing raw inputs. However, the misalignment between static old features and the dynamically changing feature manifold causes severe catastrophic forgetting. To address this novel problem, we propose Manifold-Aligned Graph Regularization (MAGR), which first aligns deviated old features to the current feature manifold, ensuring representation consistency. It then constructs a graph jointly arranging old and new features aligned with quality scores. Experiments show MAGR outperforms recent strong baselines with up to 6.56%, 5.66%, 15.64%, and 9.05% correlation gains on the MTL-AQA, FineDiving, UNLV-Dive, and JDM-MSA split datasets, respectively. This validates MAGR for continual assessment challenges arising from non-stationary skill variations.

The 18th European Conference on Computer Vision
Kanglei Zhou
Kanglei Zhou
PhD Candidate

My current research interests are mainly in human motion analysis.