Secure image encryption scheme using double random-phase encoding and compressed sensing


A secure optical digital image encryption scheme with authentication capability is proposed using double random-phase encoding (DRPE) and compressed sensing (CS). Phase information of the plaintext image is obtained using DRPE and quantized to generate authentication information. Simultaneously, the plaintext image is compressed by CS and its measurements are quantized using the sigmoid map. Then the ciphertext image is obtained by permutation and diffusion after authentication information is embedded in quantified measurements. At receiving end, the authentication information is first extracted by inverse permutation and diffusion, and then the authentication image is obtained by inverse DRPE. Finally, the ciphertext image can be blindly authenticated using a nonlinear cross-correlation method with authentication image and reconstructed image. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed scheme.

Optics & Laser Technology
Kanglei Zhou
Kanglei Zhou
PhD Candidate

My current research interests are mainly in human motion analysis.